Bristol Marunde Wins Fight at ShoWare Center in Kent

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Bristol Marunde, a graduate of Sequim High School, fought Mychal Clark in a mixed martial arts battle that lasted into the third round after non-stop action kept the crowd of several thousand people on their feet much of the time at ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington.  It was unequivocally declared the Fight of The Night.

When the fight started the crowd clearly favored their home town fighter, Mychal Clark, but as the fight progressed the crowd gradually began to cheer for Bristol.  The two fighters squared off in the cage with different personas.  Mychal played to the crowd and was almost giddy as he bounced around the cage taunting Bristol with a cockiness that ultimately did not work with the crowd or with Bristol.


Bristol was clearly the consummate professional fighter, the master tactician focused and determined to finish his prey, carefully defending himself from the wild spin-around punches and elbows of his prey.  Bristol never lost his concentration, nor did he lose control of the fight, although Mychal was dangerous if only because his wild and unpredictable swings had the potential to catch Bristol with a damaging face or head strike.

At one point Mychal did catch Bristol with a sharp elbow to the top of the head, but if it hurt, Bristol gave no indication, although a little redness in his hair indicated he was cut.  Later I asked Bristol what was going through his head when the elbow caught him, and he replied, “I was thinking, ‘that’s going to leave a mark.'”

Mychal proved he was a capable boxer, but Bristol’s jabs took a toll.  Mychal played the jester by smiling when he got hit and dropping his fists to taunt Bristol, even sticking out his toungue.  It didn’t work.  Bristol’s corner man, Carlos, shouted, “He liked it Bristol.  Hit him again.”  And Bristol did, again and again.

Mychal tried a leaping knee kick, but Bristol simply backed up.  When they weren’t throwing punches, they were grappling, and Bristol brought some knee kicks to Mychal’s face.  Several times during the fight Bristol took Mychal to the mat and practiced his trade, ground and pound. It was a great fight, but it did become apparent in the third round that Bristol was in total control.  I’ve watched Bristol wrestle since he was 10 years old, and my recommendation to anyone foolish enough to get into a cage with Bristol is, “Make sure your affairs are in order.  There’s no quit in Bristol, and he is relentless.”

Bristol has been training in Randy Courture’s gym in Las Vegas, and sparring with some of the greatest fighters in the world, including Randy himself, Vitor Belfort, and Forest Griffin.  Bristol’s game has been elevated to entirely new levels, and he is now a master tactician, an excellent striker, a great kicker (as seen from the several head kicks that stunned Mychal), an incredible gappler on the mat and a master of submissions.  Want to know if Bristol knows submissions, offensively and defensively?  Ask Vitor.  Want to know if Bristol can kick with lightning speed and power?  Ask Forest.  Want to know if Bristol can wrestle and has stamina on the mat?  Ask Randy.


In fact, it was in the third round that this fight ended when Bristol took Mychal to the mat, pounded him relentlessly, and then while pinning him on his back, took the smile of his face by bending his right arm back until he tapped out.

By this time Bristol had won over the crowd and thousands shouted with excitement and to the praise of their new hero.  There’s no doubt this crowd will welcome Bristol back to the ShoWare Center for another fight.

Bristol left the ring with the victor’s smile and only minor bruises.  Mychal, well . . ., he might not be using that right arm a lot this week, and maybe, just maybe he learned a little humility.  From all your fans who watched the fight, congratulations Bristol!  A victory well earned.

The fight card for the night included these fighters (with their fight records):

Bristol Marunde(6-5) vs Mychal Clark (6-5) light hvy (205lbs)
Mario Miranda(7-0) vs Chad Vance (6-1) 185lbs
Mike “300” Hayes(5-1) vs Fabiano Sherner (7-7)  Heavyweight
Shad Lierley (3-2) vs Deryck Ripley (10-13)
Joel Pettit amateur belt holder (0-0) vs Jason Koster (0-1)
David Courchaine (0-1) vs Brad Luvaas (0-1)
Jon Maranski (1-0) vs Chad Vaudrin (0-1) 
Marques Daniels vs Dennis Parks (0-2)
Taylor Roberts (0-0) vs John Heath (0-0)


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