Bristol Marunde v Shane Primm Fight Results

Bristol Marunde won a huge victory in Atlantic City last night in his fight with Shane Primm by a unanimous decision, but it was Bristol who was clearly in control of the fight from the beginning of the first round all the way to the end of the third.  Shane Primm is probably best known for his appearance on the T.V. show, UFC – Season 8.

The fight was intense and one of the favorites of the evening as evidenced by the fight chatter afterward.  I had the opportunity to interview Bristol about the fight and get a blow by blow account.

Chuck:  Bristol, walk us through the first round.

Bristol:  Shane is a good fighter, but I caught him in the first round with an overhand right that rocked him pretty good and he fell back.  And that gave me an opportunity to unload some really powerful leg kicks.  I threw one and  it landed, and I knew it hurt, and I took him down and passed his guard.  I did some work on top, and then when we were standing again, I went back to the  leg attacks, because he is tall.  What’s the best way to cut down a tree?  From the base, so I was going to cut him down from the floor up.  So I capitalized on the leg kicks.  I kicked him maybe 20 times.

Chuck:  How did Shane measure up on striking?

Bristol:  He was hard, because he had a much longer reach than me, so I countered that by getting inside.  I dominated the first two rounds, controlling the pace and the fight.  But in the opening minutes of the third round he caught me with his knee.  That opened up a cut above my eye, and I fell down into his guard, and all I saw was blood dripping all over.  The ref stopped the fight for a second and looked at my eye, and said it was okay.

Chuck:  How did Shane catch you with the knee?

Bristol:  We were in the clinch, and before I could counter, he’s really tall and lanky, and I defended it until then, but he snuck one in and it rocked me and cut me open.  So the last three and a half minutes of the third round I couldn’t see out of my eye.  I had to wipe the blood out of my eye.

Chuck:  And Shane tried to take advantage of that.  What did he do when you went down?

Bristol:  Yea, he tried to pull a guillotine choke, but I broke his grip and escaped.  And I threw punches in his guard.

Chuck:  In that third round you took charge again, but were you able to back him up?

Bristol:  Yes, he smelled blood and went in for the kill, but I went after him.  I could see his leg was red and swollen, and I worked that leg with kicks, and I worked my standup, my kick boxing.  I saw him at the airport later, and he was walking very slow, so I know the kicks hurt.  In the third round Shane tried to take me down several times, but he couldn’t.  I used my wrestling to keep this a standup fight.

Chuck:  You did kick Shane a couple of times in the head, too?

Bristol:  Oh, yea.  I forgot about that.  I did continuously kick him in the leg, but I did surprise him with some head kicks.  I think those caught him off guard.

Chuck:  One of the ringside commentators said after the fight that Shane looked down at him and held his hand up and said that it was broken.

Bristol:  Yea, he punched me in the top of my head when I blocked one of his punches.  It didn’t hurt me.  But Shane is a good fighter.

Chuck:  Now that defensive strategy where you put your head down and the other guy breaks his hand punching you, didn’t you learn that fighting with your brother, Jesse, when you were young?

Bristol:  Yea, that’s it.  [Some laughter here, because Jesse, Bristol’s older brother, once broke his finger when Bristol defended himself with his head.]

Chuck:  What’s next for Bristol?

Bristol:  I want to fight again.  M-1 is a great organization of fighters, and so each time you win a fight, your stock goes up.  It’s a combination of who you fight and where you fight and how you beat your opponent.  I don’t know what M-1 is going to do for the next fights.  I hope I can get on the International card.  I’m hungry right now, and I got a taste of victory, and it makes me want to do more.

Chuck:  Two things that occurred to me.  If Shane Primm thought he was going to take you down, he didn’t know that almost no one ever takes you down.  Secondly, I thought in a tough fight that lasts where both fighters may be exhausted, if it came down to who has the heart to win, that one would be you.

Bristol:  Yea.  That’s true.  I was committed totally to winning this fight.  My training has gone really well with my trainer, Peter Pinto.  I worked on opponent movements and defenses against strikes.  It was a good performance, but I’m never pleased.  I have a lot of work to do.  But this was a victory for me and my trainer.  I was patient in this fight.  I didn’t need to go in for the kill.   I was following a strategy in this fight.

Chuck:  You feel good after this fight?

Bristol:  I feel great.  I was in great shape.  I felt healthy after the fight and had a lot of energy.

Chuck:  The Russians in M-1 probably like you, because you look like a Russian.

Bristol:  Yea.  A lot of people say I look like Ivan Drago from Rocky.  “So I came into this place.  I could tell you didn’t like me, and I didn’t like yous much either.  But if I can change, and you can change . . .”

Chuck:  On top of this victory, you are coming home in Vegas to something very exciting!

Bristol:  That’s right.  This coming week Aubrey and I are having a baby.  It’s a very exciting time, lots of good things in my life right now.  We’re expecting to deliver on Friday.

Chuck:  So having your first baby is like going to a fight, an emotional drain.

Bristol:  Yea, except this time I will be cornering Aubrey and she’s the one in the fight.

Chuck:  Fantastic.  Thank you for the interview and good luck with your next fight.

Bristol:  You’re welcome.

The M-1 Global Challenge is a team competition featuring 8 teams that represent four different continents/countries (Russia, the Americas, Europe and Asia). One team from each area will feature the winners of the M-1 Selection events taking place around the world and the other team will be comprised of veteran MMA fighters. Each team will also have a fighter representing each major weight class (Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight). The M-1 Selection events are individual single-elimination tournaments in each area comprised of 8 up and coming fighters. The winner of each tournament at each weight class will be selected as a part of that country’s team.

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