Medical Records Now Free Online


Have you ever wished you had all your medical records and pharmacy records in one place that you could access and your doctors could access?  Google created a free online medical records system that is really quite good.  It’s suprisingly easy to use.

You simply go online to and register to add your profile along with information about what prescriptions your take, what allergies you have, test results, immunizations, and what other conditions you may experience.  This information is then available from any computer, including any family members or medical professional you want to be able to access this information.

But it gets even better.  You can import your medical records, for example, from your pharmacy.  And your pharmasists can access these records.  There are also health guides and information links that are quite good.

Google has also made a huge database of medical information that is interlinked with your completed records, so that if there is a potential conflict or health issue with a certain combination of medications, it apparently will let you know.  This is powerful.

This record system is a great way to keep a comprehensive and up-to-date medical history in one place.  Doctors often rely on past medical history in making diagnoses, which often runs into issues with a patient’s memories of past medical events. Prescription medication history can often provide a clearer picture not only of present medical issues, but a window into past events, as well, and are far more likely to be accurate than a patient’s recollection.   A complete record will help doctors make better recommendations.

This is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who wants to stay organized with their medical records.  Since it’s free, you might want to try it out.

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