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sequim_well_logsDid you know you could purchase a lot or vacant land that cannot produce drinking water? Did you know that you could purchase a home with a private well that dries up part of the year, or has a low water flow? Imagine having to haul drinking water and having to install a storage tank for all your residential water use! It’s a nightmare, but it happens! If you live in California or the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, or anywhere outside Sequim and Port Angeles, and you are planning to purchase property in the Sequim or Port Angeles areas, one of the Traps for the Unwary that could cost you a small fortune involves private wells and drinking water.

The vast majority of private wells produce excellent water flow and excellent quality on the Northern Olympic Peninsula. We are very fortunate that way. But you only have to be one in 1,000 who end up with a well problem to make it your personal nightmare. How can you protect yourself?

As with all things real estate, due diligence is important. Jennifer Henderson of Canal Pumps in Sequim, Washington, said the red flags are things like a well log that indicates low water flow, or a well log indicating a dry well, or well logs in the same area that indicate such problems or multiple wells drilled on the same property.

How in the world do you get the well logs for the general area that you are interested in? Good news! There is a beautiful website with just that information maintained by the Washington Department of Ecology, and it has Sequim Well Logs and Port Angeles Well Logs. You can use an online map to identify where you want to look, and you can zoom in on your specific area. All the wells that have been drilled will show up on the map, and you simply click on the red dot representing a well, and the entire well log is instantly available.

Of course you can also call local well drillers, who typically will know the troublesome areas and can advise you appropriately. Due diligence is always good. Working with professionals who can help you avoid Traps for the Unwary is always good. Saving money and stress are definitely good.

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