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Sequim real estate has a fresh perspective with a new real estate brokerage and an old hand.  Chuck Marunde who has been in the real estate business for 30 years, 20 as a real estate lawyer, opened his real estate brokerage called Sequim and Port Angeles Real Estate a couple of years ago, and recently Chuck converted his office to a branch office of eXp Realty, the first Web 3.0 Virtual Real Estate Brokerage.  Chuck focuses largely on Sequim real estate.

What makes eXp Realty and Chuck’s office so unique is that they have built a virtual real estate brokerage with a massive Internet presence, in addition to the local brick-and-mortar office.  “The real estate business has changed dramatically in the last few years, and with the rapid advances of Internet technology, and with consumers embracing the Internet so rapidly to search for their next home and Realtor, we are seeing a total transformation of how to effectively market a home today and how to connect with buyers,” said Chuck.

“Add to these extraordinary changes the fact that traditional print advertising no longer effectively sells real estate and that buyers are no longer calling or walking into the brick-and-mortar brokerages like they used to, and you have an entirely new business.”  Point well taken.  We’ve seen print newspapers across the country going into bankruptcy, closing their doors, and trying desperately to convert to online versions.  Meanwhile, consumers look for better ways to find their next home or land, and with the rapid advances in technology, buyers are able to go online and use free resources to search databases, which were the sole possession of Realtors for decades.

What eXp Realty and Chuck Marunde are doing is bringing the most advanced cutting edge of technology directly to buyers, giving them precisely what they want and need to find their next home.  With Chuck Marunde’s real estate sales experience, his legal background, his marketing expertise (as an Internet Marketing Consultant), and his writing (thousands of online articles and two paperback books), combined with the national network of the most powerful online real estate brokerage, eXp Realty, Sequim real estate will never be the same.

The real winners are consumers, because the entire business model places clients at the very center of everything, every purpose, every goal, every strategy, and every outcome.  While the business model initially focused on connecting with buyers, and Chuck loves working as a Sequim buyer’s agent, sellers have recognized that any real estate office that connects with so many buyers is also where they want to list their property for sale.  Connecting buyers with sellers is the key to a successful sale.

“What drives me every day is that I love working with my clients.  Helping them get through all the details of finding, negotiating, and managing transactional details until closing is something I love doing.  And my real reward beyond the commissions is the appreciation of my clients and the friendships that develop.  We are living in challenging times, but somehow all the pieces to the chaotic puzzle that represents my history fit together right now to serve my clients in the most incredible way.  I count my blessings every day that I can do what I do and help people.”

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