AIG Execs Forbidden to Speak are Blogging


AIG execs who have been under intense attack by the public and congress because of high bonuses when AIG is getting tax dollars to bail the company out of its black hole, are now blogging incognito even though forbidden to speak to the press.  A number of AIG execs are allegedly writing about their experiences and using the Internet as their release valve.  The various posts appear to be valid as they have been including insider information and are as much rants as anything about losing their bonuses.  There’s not anything unusual or radical about what they are writing, just normal human emotions of anger and frustration under the circumstances.  Here is what is believed to be an AIG exec post from a gentleman who calls himself Edison Rex on Live Journal:

How did this all come to pass?

I am not a banker, nor am I greedy, nor am I without morals, ethics, or a conscience. My morals, ethics and conscience apparently have made me a political target, because I have been foolish enough to believe that commitments repeatedly assured would be honored.

Two years ago, this job was still fun and challenging, and I felt that what I did was valued, and worthy of respect. After September 15th, I knew the job was over – we hadn’t done any new projects since February of 2008 – but I stuck it through because I was assured, repeatedly, that there would be compensation for the utter hell that this job has become (the job has been h* for a lot longer than 6 months). Whether or not the compensation was “fair” (go on, back seat drivers, tell me anything is fair right now), it was the agreement and that was why I didn’t just leave 6 months ago to get on with my life. Anybody who thinks that it’s fun living in a goldfish bowl, constantly responding to legal requests, audits, evidence preservation requests, interviews with investigative agencies, and now press attention, all threatening and negative, needs their head examined. I committed no crimes, in fact I worked to help account for what happened so that Congress would have the facts of the matter. The one true fact is that despite 14 months of investigations, by multiple regulators, law enforcement agencies, a parade of internal, external, and third party auditors, nobody has been charged with a criminal offense. The one man who was responsible – the one man who ran this place – isn’t talking, and he gets to keep his money, which is somewhere in the region of 1000x what I grossed in this “distasteful” payment which I have been told to pay back, or have my details released to the press.

We’ve been forbidden to speak to the press, by a company that obviously hates us and spreads false and misleading “information” about us, when they can be arsed to respond at all. I am as sick about this mess as anybody, I have lost almost all of my savings, my retirement, my kids’ education funds, and now after working 12 hour days for the last year trying to unwind this mess I am thrown under the bus, and still expected to work like I have been!

Yes, the money is coming back to the American taxpayer, so it can go to Iraq or some other good cause. It can buy a couple of toilet seats or a small piece of an airplane or something. Like Jake said, and Ilyas said, they can’t tell us we didn’t earn the money for all the s* we’ve been through.

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