Throwdown in Jamestown III – Mixed Martial Arts

Throwdown in Jamestown III, another 7 Cedars MMA (mixed martial arts) event was an intense battle of fighters from around the country, and you definitely did not want to blink for fear of missing a knockout.  Local professional MMA fighter and now fight promoter Bristol Marunde and his partners brought the event to Bristol’s hometown.  Bristol grew up in Sequim and after graduating from WSU, continued his wrestling career by becoming a mixed martial arts amateur and later with a string of successes, he became a professional.  He now trains in Las Vegas and has regularly sparred with some of the best in the profession.

Kyle Keeney is seen in this photo in the aggressive power position with his opponent Eli Harris pinned to the mat while Kyle punishes with quick strikes to the side of the head.  Kyle won the fight by a decision after three 3-minute rounds.

Ultimate Fighting Champion special guest “The Immortal Matt Brown” from the UFC T.V. series (7th season) made an appearance, signed autographs and elevated the excitement.  In this photo, Bristol Marunde (left) and Matt Brown (right) posed for a quick shot.

Kyle Strode won the first fight against Rondell Bailey at 1:34″ of the 2nd round by submission.
Zack Knittle beat Jake Blaski by TKO at 2:59″ in the 3rd round.
Brad Foust used an armbar to submit Thomas Turner in the 2nd round at 1:42″.
Erik Larson also submitted Will Montgomery with an armbar at 54 seconds in the 1st round.
AJ Weber beat Sequim fighter Josh Bush with a knockout at 54 seconds in the 1st round.
Dustin Praxedes ended his fight with Jason Marhol at only 3 seconds in the first round with a TKO.  (I blinked and missed it.)
Kyle Keeney tortured Eli Harris and won by decision (30 to 27).
Len Bentley demolished Chris Ensley with an armbar in the first round of the main event.

The event was well organized, and MC’d by one of our favorite MCs, the one and only Rick “Double-R” Roberson from the BJ Shea Morning Experience on 99.9 FM.  Referees were Joe Henderson and Wesley Welch, and a hearty appreciation to the refs for well ref’d fights all night. If you did not make it to this event, you won’t want to miss the next 7 Cedars MMA event.  Watch for it in about three months.

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