The Sauer Kraut Opens Friday April 24th in Sequim


The Sauer Kraut of Sequim announced that it’s doors will be open for business on Friday, April 24th.  The Sauer Kraut is located in the Rock Plaza at the corner of Sequim-Dungeness and The Old Olympic Highway.

The Sauer Kraut is a German Deli, Bakery, and Cafe.  The opening of their new business is full of excitement, and you could feel it in the air the day before their doors open to the public.  The restaurant is owned by Thomas Heintz, Executive Chef, Laurel Heintz, Managing Director, and Daniel Heintz, who is in charge of photography and music.

Thomas Heintz enthisiastically explained what customers can expect.

“We have the bakery, the deli, the hot food service, we do catering, and we also have a cooking school.  We’ll have cooking classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Monday nights we’ll bring in guest chefs from local restaurants, and we’ll do demonstration type classes.  Wednesday nights we’ll have our hands-on classes when we teach you how to cook and you get to do it and everyone eats what was prepared.  We open at 6:00 in the morning, and close at 6:00 in the evening.

And we do catering, and that’s huge for us.  Our lunch service is between 10:00 and 3:00.  Before 10:00  or after 3:00 we can do business meetings with power point presentations with groups of 50, 60, or maybe 70, depending on how we set it up.  We will have outdoor tables, so we can do evenings with music, and we have a mezzanine so we can have private groups of 12 to 18 people.

The deli will feature our sausages and cheeses and meats with a European style.  Our bakery will have specialty breads like the ryes and the German breads, the brochen which are the German rolls.  We have fresh croissants, brioche, pretzels, and fresh cinnamon rolls.

On our menu we have German foods and about 20 different International sandwiches that we do.  Everything with sauerkraut, and the Rueban is a big one for us.  We use a braised sauerkraut.  We do kababs.  We have a donar kabab which is very similar to a Turkish kabab.  We have heros.  We have the Kaiser dog, which is a half pound hot dog that you can put any kind of topping on it.  We have smaller versions, polish dogs, and the German favorites like the schpetzel.  We have hot German potato salad.

We’ll do specials too.  We do take-and-bake.  You can swing by and pick up something for dinner with our grab and go.  We have a great cold pork sandwich that is Carolina style.  We’re going to expand into the Australian meat pies with mash potatoes on top.  We’re trying to cover the  different things that are really popular on other continents.

We open tomorrow, Friday, at 9:00 and we close at 6:00.  On Saturdays normally we will have breakfast with potato pancakes and sausages and everything else.  Next Saturday on the  May 2nd, we’re doing Breakfast With the Beast, which is a promotional for the Sequim High School production of Beauty and the Beast.  It’s $10 for adults and $5 for children, and half the proceeds will go toward their program.

Sharon is our deli manager.  Anthony is our morning sous chef.  Mary is one of our prep cooks.  Mandy is our catering director, and Cindy is our evening sous chef.

The Sauer Kraut is located in the new Rock Plaza at 10181 Old Olympic Highway in Sequim.  A hearty congratulations to the owners for the opening of their new business.

The Suer Kraut
10181 Old Olympic Highway
Sequim, Washington  98382
(360) 582-1400

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  1. RobertAbare

    I have eaten there 3 times already. I just can’t get away the Braut and Sauerkraut with a side of their hot veggies. I tried the Hot Potato Salad and was just overly impressed as that was the first time I ever had that.

    Tom’s Sauerkraut is just amazing. Try anything with it and you will be hooked. Great restaurant in a great setting. Now if only I could talk myself in getting the Reuben!!!

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