Reef Tanning Opens in Sequim


Reef Tanning opened recently in the Rock Plaza in Sequim at the corner of Sequim-Dungeness Way and The Old Olympic Highway.  Joe McLaughlin, the owner, is very enthusiastic about what Reef Tanning offers Sequim residents.

It’s clear after talking with Joe that tanning is not just about looking good with copper-toned skin.  Getting enough of the sun’s bright power is about being healthy.  Natural sunlight, and it’s counterpart in a modern tanning booth, provides a critical element in a healthy body–Vitamin D.  The body produces large quantities of Vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

sequim-reef-tanningVitamin D is a precious vitamin because it is partially responsible for the production of serotonin in the brain.  Increasing the levels of serotonin has been what doctors and psychiatrists have been purusing with a frenzy via Prozac and many other man-made drugs.  It is well established that increasing the levels of serotonin will elevate one’s mood and improve attitude.  Increasing serotonin levels is a main focus of helping those who suffer from depression, too.

Want to feel better?  Why not do it nature’s way and get the healthy bright rays of light that produce higher levels of serotonin?

Reef Tanning has installed the latest high tech and the best equipment available for carefully delivering the perfect measure of light to the body.  Their computer equipment measures and times your tanning each time you come.

Joe points out that there is a lot of literature and advertisements that are anti-sun and anti-tanning.  The sun screen lotion business is a billion dollar a year business.

“The danger,” Joe says, “is not the sun or tanning–it’s getting burned.  That’s not good and could lead to other problems, including skin cancer, but tanning your skin without burning it regularly is very healthy and the medical literature and many in the medical profession have extensive studies showing that tanning wisely not only provides your body with necessary Vitamin D, it also prevents many illnesses and diseases, including some cancers.  A healthy body functions when it gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, the exercise and rest it needs, and let’s not forget plenty of water and good oxygen.  Getting natural sunlight regularly or tanning regularly is an important part of that health.”

Reef Tanning is offering special discounts and a free tan right now.  They are located in the Rock Plaza at 10159 Old Olympic Highway in Sequim.  Welcome to Sequim Reef Tanning!

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