Norm Dicks Townhall Meeting Aug 31 Port Townsend Videos 1

On August 31, 2009 Congressman Norm Dicks held a townhall meeting in Port Townsend at Fort Worden.  The community hall was packed with several hundred people.  The meeting was not scheduled to start until 4:00, but by 3:30 the room was already at capacity and crowds who arrived after that had to stand outside.  The subject was healthcare, but the questions to Congressman Dicks spanned the hot topics of the day:  healthcare, immigration, taxation, the size of the federal government, and military spending.  The room was highly charged and people were clearly passionate on both sides of the fence.  The room was probably equally filled with liberals and conservatives, but the conservatives had the day on the number of questions.

The entire townhall meeting, or nearly the entire meeting, follows on seven videos.

Continue to Norm Dicks Townhall Meeting Parts 4 through 7.

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