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I’m not a sage, nor am I a prophet, but there are some things in history that we look back at and say, “Of course, we should have seen the obvious coming.”   Life can be very complicated, and many claim to have all the answers, but knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands.  The so called “experts” are as confused about the current state of the nation and world as the man on the street.  One might get just as much of a confusing and inarticulate interpretation from a homeless man as you would from a Ph.D in Washington today.

President Obama has surrounded himself with “sages,” men and women of great stature and knowledge.  Obama is taking unprecedented and dramatic action never seen and never dreamed of in our nation’s history.  One might argue that desperate times calls for desperate measures, but what will be the long term consequences of our current course?

Today, I make a prophesy I call The Obama Prophesy.  I do not prophesy lightly, not because I will be stoned to death if I am wrong, but because anything less than enthusiastic support and worship of our President seems to draw great criticism and personal attach.  Much is at stake in our nation’s future, not least of which is our own livelihoods, our own careers, the security of our own families, and the future welfare of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Take this prophesy with a grain of salt.  Some of it is serious, and some of it is written in jest.

This article does not promote a political or personal agenda of any kind.  These thoughts are not driven by conservative nor liberal ideology.  There are some events and actions that seem so complicated and overwhelming that we often find more wisdom in falling back on principles and wisdom to interpret and predict.  That’s all I do here.

What is the Obama Prophesy?  I prophesy that three years from now, our nation will be described in this vignette.

Circa July 24th, 2012.

The United States received harsh criticism today from the United Nations as a majority of the members voted to reprimand the U.S. for its continued military presence in Europe and Asia.  The reprimand stated in the executive summary of a 397 page document, “The Obama administration has taken positive action to reduce the U.S. military threat in Europe and Asia with a schedule to close military bases and promising a new relationship with the Muslim world and all nations, but the action taken thus far is too small and too slow.  To demonstrate the new spirit of unity and compromise, the U.S. must transfer all assets of every kind to each nation in which such assets are located.  Obama’s promise of cooperation necessitates the independent administration and soveriegnty of each nation state, exclusive of U.S. interference.”

In other news, the Unified Muslim Nations, an organization representing 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, issued a statement that the word “terrorism” should be banished from use by all civilized nations.  “The word no longer expresses the balanced approach of modern diplomacy that is needed to foster International cooperation.”  Secretary of State Clinton  has indicated she will endorse a U.S. declaration to that effect.

The New York Times, having filed for bankruptcy six months ago and having run out of funds to sustain daily operations, announced an agreement today with Obama’s new federal department, The United States Department of Media Communications, and according to speculation, the U.S. is to acquire a majority stake in the New York Times and it’s subsidiaries.  This continues the White house announcement last December that the greatest hope the U.S. has to pull out of the depression and once again get on a path of strong economic growth and full employment is for the federal government to continue its efforts to take over the failed operations of the financial markets, the automobile industry, and the oil and gas industry, and to develop a partnership with failing state governments and municipalities which have filed for federal bankruptcy protection.  Quoting an anonymous White house aide, a Times reporter wrote in his blog, “Capitalism has proven its failure, and we are on a new and exciting path of Federal economic hegemony.”

In other news:

– The money supply has increased by approximately $3.6 trillion in the last quarter as the feds have had to print more money to sustain federal acquisitions of private industry.

– Interest rates continue to rise despite the sudden surge in inflation and the continued high unemployment rates across the nation.

– Since January of 2010 127 more print newspapers have closed their doors.  Only 32 have tried to go exclusively online, but of these 13 have failed in their first 12 months of operation.

– Exxon, the last holdout for Federal acquisition in the oil and gas industry, has threatened to close all field operations and make any Federal control impractical.

– Obama announced today that he will issue an executive order changing the names of GM’s two latest electric cars to “Sasha Natasha” and “Malia Ann” in honor of his two daughters.  Both daughters are to appear at a ribbon cutting at the Camp David GM plant.

– Since the elimination of Federal immigration restrictions, Obama’s plan to remove all barriers between the U.S. and Mexico have met with some resistence in the Lone State of Texas, since Obama’s order to tear down all fences and barriers also requires the State of Texas to fund the removal.  The Governor of Texas issued a terse statement, “What are we supposed to do?  Print money down here?  We’re not the Federal government.”

– Tens of thousands in the military have received their discharge notices, a result of the closure of several bases in Europe and in the U.S., and as a result of the cancellation of major military contracts with private defense contractors.  Boeing, which previously threatened to file suit, has agreed not to file suit, but that decision has allegedly been influenced by Obama who, as a result of partial Federal acquisition, now holds the title of “Boeing Chairman of the Board in Absentia.”

– The Federal government bailout of the largest home builder and developer in the country, a Dubai corporation, has raised questions about what to do with the $4.2 trillion in mortgages in default, which is owed by the Federal government to the Federal government.  Obama has suggested he may have a mortgage burning in the White house garden.  Smiling broadly in the White house press room, Obama said, “We continue to solve our nation’s financial challenges and our deep economic woes created by previous administrations by acquiring both the debts and the creditors’ claims, thus creating an extraordinary economic opportunity to cancel debit against credit.  Hence, my “It’s a Wash” program will help cleanse our nation from the plight of economic and racial depravity we have suffered with for so long.  Too long has debt been used by the powerful to keep the less fortunate down.  No longer.  Under my administration everyone will live under a system that sets them free, and all will be free from slavery to creditors, free to live healthy lives with free healthcare, and we will eliminate all negative words from the English language that hint of racial or economic power over the individual.”

– A small regional online newspaper printed a brief statement that there was a “rumor of uprisings in some southern states as well as Montana, Texas, and Alaska by citizens who refused to give up their constitutional rights, and who allegedly still own and possess firearms against Federal law.”  Unfortunately, the newspaper website  only pulls up a “404 error” and phone calls have not been returned.  The above quote was obtained from a cached Internet page before that was removed from indexed search engines.

– Reports of increasing suicide rates among the unemployed remain unsubstantiated.  The Federal government indicated that they no longer publish statistics on suicide or depression.

– Claims that the President’s public opinion rating is down cannot be confirmed.  Public opinion polls have been outlawed.

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