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Today marks President Obama’s 222nd day in office, which is usually the end of the honeymoon and the beginning of serious work.  So how is Obama’s Presidency going so far?  To look objectively at this question and the critical issues facing us, one has to set aside biases.  One has to attempt to be neither conservative nor liberal for a few minutes, and look at history past and as it is unfolding with a clear mind.  Let’s face it, for many people this is virtually impossible.  Can this writer do it?  Perhaps not perfectly, and we can never separate ourselves from our own experiences that color our world view, but at least we can have intelligent and worthy conversations on the state of our nation, our Presidency, and the dangers we face together.  May honesty and a sincere pursuit of the truth be our guides.

Let’s admit a few fundamental facts before we get into any opinions.  Never before in our nation’s history has the federal government moved so far and so quickly in several key areas that impact all Americans and the direction of this country for the next 100 years and beyond.

First, we have never experienced this level of government spending.  For most of us growing up, the biggest number we could comprehend was “millions.”  In recent decades we’ve accepted the incomprehensible “billions” that the federal government spends, but now we are seeing “hundreds of billions” and even “trillions” when talking about federal spending.  The Obama administration is spending more money than anytime in our nation’s history.  This is not an opinion.  This is a fact.  We haven’t gotten into any opinion on these topics yet.  Whether the Obama administration is right or wrong is far more complex an issue.

Second, we have never seen our federal government take over the banking system with such absolute power.  The power to regulate the entire banking industry and the financial markets, to purchase and take control of banks and institutions has never been done like this before.

Third, the federal government has never before in our history spent billions of dollars in tax dollars to buy control and ownership of private industry.  The federal government has never moved so fast in taking over such large segments of private industry.  This is a new experience for Americans.

Fourth, we never had such an aggressive move by our federal government to move into health care.  Sure there’s been plenty of talk, and Hillary Clinton tried and failed, but a national health care system of such epic proportions has never been so aggressively pursued in our nation’s history with the support of the Presidency, his administration, and the Democratic Congress.

We could go on with specifics, but perhaps the most comprehensive statement we can make that is a factual and historical reality is that never in our nation’s history has the federal government spent so much money so fast and taken over so much of private industry and control over the lives of all Americans.

All of this has been more fact than opinion.  It’s true that the way we present facts is colored by our opinions, but who could deny these basic facts?

The real questions that are far more difficult to answer are questions like this.  Is President Obama on the right track?  Is he moving the country in the right direction?  Is this all going to turn out good, or is this our nation’s biggest nightmare?  In several years will our nation be thriving, or will the Obama policies and the Democratic party’s policies drive our great nation into economic chaos?  President Obama will either become our nation’s savior or he will be become the President that destroyed a nation.

After 222 days in office, it seems we are seeing some changes in public opinion.  Millions of Americans who enthusiastically embraced Obama are now questioning his wisdom.  We are seeing more political involvement by average Americans than we’ve seen in a long time.  Tea Parties and Public Forums are springing up all over the country.  Is the beginning of a new movement in America?  Will the political unrest increase or fade?   What do you think?

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