How Free People Became Slaves

This is a true story of how free people became slaves in a great country.  Citizens of a great land homesteaded land from the east to the west. They farmed the land, hunted and fished, and raised families. Their children became teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers.

The people sought freedom, and they found it in this great land. In fact, the people had escaped from a Kingdom where they had lived like serfs. They desperately wanted freedom from government domination over nearly every aspect of their lives. They especially sought freedom from government sponsored religion, and they longed for freedom of speech, and they wanted the right to own their own land.  They were tired of political corruption and excessive taxation.

They longed for a land where they could own and work their own farm, grow their own crops, build their own home with their hands, and be self-sufficient without government having the power to seize it with police power.

They found such freedom in a new land that would become the 13 Colonies and later the United States. With great wisdom they drafted a Declaration of Independence and a United States Constitution (with a Bill of Rights), all of which clearly rejected the Kingdom rules from which they came, and which emphasized the primary purpose of the governing rules of this new country–that the federal government was specifically to have limited powers over the people, their property, and their freedoms.

The founders were serious historians who knew the greatest danger on earth was not from individual men, nor was it war between men. They did not even fear God. Their greatest fear was that a central federal government would rise to power in this new land of freedom and become like the very Kingdom from which they escaped.

Because they had deep historical insight, the people reserved the ultimate powers of this new government to themselves, and designated state governments as their primary government agencies. The federal government was severely limited, because the people knew that they never wanted to go back to the Kingdom and live like serfs again. They knew slavery under a King, and they gave their lives and possessions to assure their children and grandchildren and their progeny would never suffer under an evil King again.

How Free People Became Slaves

As the people prospered in the greatest country the earth had ever known, they began to give up their reserved powers slowly every time there was a national crises. Whether the crisis was a war, a natural disaster, or economic recession, they yielded to politicians who increased the power of the Federal Government. The politicians were primarily lawyers who knew how to create laws that would enslave people and give themselves more power, prestige, and large government homes. The government employees increased their personal wealth and gave themselves financial security for life.

The people were naive. They willingly yielded to politicians and gave up their most prized freedoms: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from excessive taxation, and freedom from government power which eventually seizes control of all real and personal property.

The people escaped slavery to become free, but in the end they became slaves again of their own choosing. They let politicians destroy the very foundations of their free society, including the three independent branches. The judiciary became a branch of control for Federal executives, while the legislative branch became a conspiratorial partner with the executive branch. Even so-called independent agencies, like the Federal Reserve System, eventually became controlled by the central authority, orchestrating a master plan of bigger and bigger government.

In their feeble attempts to roll back what became obvious government domination and control over their precious freedoms, the people again yielded. Instead of rolling back government power, eliminating unconstitutional laws, destroying the government’s monetary printing press, and taking back the power that was vested in them, the people again listened to the very politicians who got them into trouble in the beginning. They heeded the politicians who told them they would decrease the increasing growth of government control and taxation.  The people forgot that they could fire any politician, impeach the corrupt, and take ownership of what they had once so proudly owned.  The people became like sheep.

The country eventually collapsed under the weight of massive debt, the predictable result of spending the world had never seen. The collapse was also a predictable result of having to bribe millions of voters who continued to vote for welfare programs and government giveaways that had to keep growing bigger to keep bribing more voters. Politicians became desperate for more votes, but the country was not growing fast enough, so they began to solicit the votes of illegal aliens and open the borders while pretending to secure the borders.

The layers of lies and deceit by the Federal government and the massive regulations of hundreds of agencies at all levels of Federal, State, and Municipal governments was beyond anything the world had ever seen. Even Rome and Moscow had nothing on Washington D.C. when it came to propaganda and depriving the people of God given rights.  The country that God had blessed abundantly more than any other nation on earth gave it all up and became enslaved.

The people had many opportunities to save their country and their freedoms, but they did not have the courage to fire the politicians and take their country back. They were not as brave as the founders and the early pilgrims who risked their lives and their possessions. The people were not willing to risk anything, so they lost everything.

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