The Spring Sun Arrives in Sequim

The sun arrived in Sequim and Port Angeles with a bright spring greeting today after  a long winter.  For a Monday it was an auspicious start for the week.  Convertibles were seen with tops down, joggers were tanning their heads, and children were hindering traffic on neighborhoods streets with their bicycles.  The mood was very cheerful.

The temperature in Sequim was anywhere from 54 to 58 degrees, depending on where you were standing.  What an absolutely gorgeous day.

This photo was taken on the bluff near Port Angeles looking back toward Sequim.  Along much of the bluff and beaches of Sequim and Port Angeles are walking and jogging trails winding their way across the top of the bluffs, and for the adventurous, the beaches below are open in some areas to meandering and dog walking.  Spring is on it’s way.

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