Twilight New Moon

New Moon is set to hit the theaters November 20th.   This is not so much a vampire movie as it is a teenage love story (or “lust story”), and frankly the acting is extraordinary, especially by Kirsten Stewart.  I predict this young actor will become one of the great actors of Hollywood over the next two decades.  Even though she is very young, she does something better than almost any actor at any age, and that is the subtle facial expressions and extraordinary but realistic verbal communications without words.  People seem to react one of three ways to this Twilight series.  The first group has seen it and loves it (but most in this group cannot explain why they love it so much).  The second group has seen it and will say they “don’t get it.”  They admit the are completely in the dark.  The third group won’t see it and has only one thing to say, and it isn’t positive.  We have an analysis of this series that one of our authors will be writing, someone who has read the book and can interpret this movie for parents and the concerns they have.  He will share an underlying theme that most of us have no idea exists.  Once you hear it, the light bulb will go on as it did for me.  Stay tuned for this analysis coming soon.  Here is the movie trailer for New Moon.

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