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“I’m thinking about moving to Forks,” a young lady wrote to me in her email.  She explained that she is so enthralled with the movie Twilight, she is seriously considering moving from Florida to Forks, Washington.  Wow!  That’s one dedicated fan, but they are all over the country.  Young girls are driving up from Southern California just to see Forks and the house that “Bella” lived in.  The local restaurant has “Twilight” specials, and the good citizens of Forks are selling all kinds of goodies to fans.

With a 12 year old daughter who devoured the books and then the movie, I knew that I finally had to see the movie.  I was curious.  What could capture the hearts and minds of young girls and “turn” them so completely?  The DVD just came out, so as a present to my daughter and an opportunity for me, I bought it.

I watch chic flicks with my daughter all the time.  We do a lot of laughing during these chic flicks, and some of them are good little movies.  But I wasn’t sure what to expect with Twilight.  It’s definitely not a traditional chick flick, but it most certainly is a movie that draws girls like a vampire to blood.  I know, that would not normally be a very good comparison, but in this case I think it might be.

Twilight is a pretty good movie.  I have to admit I really enjoyed it.  If one describes the plot of a young girl living in Forks with her father who meets a vampire boy in school and falls in love, it might sound . . . well, kind of dumb.  But I assure you the movie is made exceedingly well, and the love story somehow reaches out of the movie to capture your heart.

Bella is played by young actress Kirsten Stewart, who does a stunningly good job as a typical girl struggling through the high school years.  Throughout the movie her emotions fill her facial expressions even in her pauses and stammering, pulling you right into the movie.  Robert Pattensen, who plays her boyfriend Edward, is the heart throb for millions of girls around the country.

The movie has very little blood or vampire action.  It is a love story from beginning to end, and the theme played out in the love between a vampire and a young girl only ads to the mystery of the movie.  Love, undertainty, risk, mystery, these are all good elements in a movie, and I have to admit Twilight does it very well.

I don’t think the popularity of this movie is so much that Robert Pattensen is the best looking actor on the planet, because he isn’t.  It’s not that Kirsten Stewart is a star model, because she isn’t.  While they both do an extraordinary job acting, and we will definitely see their star power in part two of Twilight and in many more movies to come, I think girls have fallen hard for this movie because it expresses the deep emotions of what love could be.  The power of deep abiding love full of the tension of youth, risk, uncertainty, and the longing to experience a love that is so powerful that it satisfies one’s deepest needs in every way–this is what this movie is about.  This is what makes it so good.

Like all girls who watch Twilight, I cried.  No, I didn’t.  I’m a cold, calculating writer reviewing this movie with no emotion.  I’m simply analyzing why a girl from Florida would be seriously considering moving to Forks.  I suppose I should watch it again to see if I missed anything in this analysis.

Have you seen Twilight?

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