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success_and_eternitySuccess and Eternity is Chuck Marunde’s first published book, although he has been writing magazine articles and Internet articles for many years.  As a lawyer he did a lot of writing, but this book is a passionate work on the grand subject of success.  What is success?  How do we live it, and how do we know if we are successful?

We are pressured since we are young to be successful.  Our society and institutions teach us a very materialistic view of success.  Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

Does a man have to have a career that provides a lucrative retirement before he can be called a success?  Is a man a failure if he cannot give his wife financial security?  Suppose a man is genetically blessed and accomplishes much, and another man is genetically short changed and accomplishes little?  Is the former a success and the later a failure?

Are the founders of Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google successes, but the founders of other technology companies that went broke all failures?  What about an artist who lived in poverty because his work sold for nickels and dimes during his lifetime, but one hundred years after his death his paintings sell for millions?  Is he a success in the tomb but not in life?  Is the man who wins a lottery ticket a success and one who does not a failure?  Can a person just be lucky and rich, but not successful?

How we answer these questions determines what we will pursue the rest of our lives.  How we answer these questions will define our relationships and the quality of our lives.  Whether we spend our lives in quiet desperation or in peace depends on how you and I answer the question, “What is success and how will you pursue it as long as you live?”

A recent radio advertisement announced that anyone can be a millionaire.  All you have to do is decide to be one.  Really?  That’s good news in this recession.  Of course, we know such a statement is not true, but this is common fodder in America today and has been for many years.  From the rear cover of the book Chuck writes:

We are constantly pressured to chase success, wealth, beauty, and happiness.  We are a society that is obsessed with success, but is it a counterfeit or the real thing?  What is success, and how do we know if we have achieved it?

We can chase the meaning of success by purusing the opinions of men, and we can spend a lifetime pursuing success by trial and error, or we can learn what God thinks about success and live it.  This book examines the Bible to learn what God thinks about money and success.

Get ready for an exciting adventure as we join some of the most successful men and women who ever lived.  How did they define success?  How did they live?  What did they believe, and how did they conduct themselves?  The answers may surprise you.

People spend their entire lives clawing for money and power and recognition, but so many at the end of their lives have echoed the same sentiment throughout history:  it’s all in vain, and a lifetime of pursuing success has brought no peace and contentment.

So what is success?  That’s what Chuck tackles in this book.  You can order the book right now on the Internet by going to Success and Eternity.  It is priced at $14.95, but volume discounts are available to Churches and distributors.

Chuck grew up in Alaska in a 900 square foot cabin with a Coleman lantern, a wood stove, and an outhouse.  He graduated from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and taught high school for two years in Nenana, Alaska before going to law school at Gonzaga University in Spokane.  His 20 year legal career includes a four year stint as a JAG in the Air Force and private practice focusing on real estate in Sequim and Port Angeles from 1994.  Chuck was the Area Director of Prison Fellowship Ministries for Nevada and Utah before moving his family to Sequim.  Recently, Chuck started his own real estate brokerage called Sequim & Port Angeles Real Estate, LLC, and continues to write for various publications, including publications on the Internet where many of his articles are syndicated on  popular real estate sites, including the Seattle PI Real Estate Blog, the Wall Street Journal online, Reuters online, and others.  Chuck’s real estate blog is

Chuck is also the editor of Sequim & Port Angeles News Online.

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