Actual Newspaper Article from July 13, 1854

The following was published on July 13, 1854 in a newspaper called The Agitator in Wellsborough, Pennsylvania. Not only is the language interesting, but the content is fascinating. The original language and grammar has been left exactly as originally published. Disclaimer: This is not actually a remedy for anything today. Should you have any of […]

Medical Records Now Free Online

Have you ever wished you had all your medical records and pharmacy records in one place that you could access and your doctors could access?  Google created a free online medical records system that is really quite good.  It’s suprisingly easy to use. You simply go online to and register to add your profile […]

Intelligent Pill Technology – The iPill

Imagine a pill that you swallow that intelligently works its way through your intestinal tract releasing pre-programmed quantities of medication at just the right locations for maximum effectiveness.  Imagine that while the pill is doing its job, the precise quantities dispensed can be controlled by a physician.  I give you the iPill from Philips. This […]

Drug Combinations Are Risky for Seniors

Many of us have almost lost loved ones or relatives or elderly friends because of potentially lethal prescriptions of multiple drugs.  As we get older we learn that a combination of normally safe drugs and non-prescription drugs and/or herbal supplements can create health endangering propositions. In a report released Tuesday a research team said that […]

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions can be very dangerous.  This video presents the evidence from a nationwide study.

Olympic Medical Center in Port Angeles Outstanding Hospital

Olympic Medical Center is the big hospital serving Port Angeles and Sequim. One of the questions people often ask before they decide to make this their retirement home for life is, “How are the medical facilities?” The answer is, “Outstanding.” Here are some of the examples of quality health care at OMC. CareScience 2006 Select […]

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