My Choices Presents Dr. Bruce Wilkinson

My Choices is delighted to present Dr. Bruce Wilkinson on February 9th, 2012 at the Port Angeles High School Auditorium at 7:00 P.M.  Dr. Wilkinson is a famous author and speaker who has authored 60 books translated into 30 languages.  He is the creator of Walk Thru The Bible. My Choices is a crisis pregnancy […]

Sequim Pregnancy – Help and Guidance

An unplanned pregnancy raises some of the toughest questions a mother will ever have to answer.  Should I have my baby or should I have an abortion?  Should I consider an adoption?  How do I pay for the help I need?  Who can I talk to in confidence?  Is there someone I can trust?  What […]

Actual Newspaper Article from July 13, 1854

The following was published on July 13, 1854 in a newspaper called The Agitator in Wellsborough, Pennsylvania. Not only is the language interesting, but the content is fascinating. The original language and grammar has been left exactly as originally published. Disclaimer: This is not actually a remedy for anything today. Should you have any of […]

Medical Records Now Free Online

Have you ever wished you had all your medical records and pharmacy records in one place that you could access and your doctors could access?  Google created a free online medical records system that is really quite good.  It’s suprisingly easy to use. You simply go online to and register to add your profile […]

Sequim’s Steven Fry Making a Difference

Steven Fry shared an incredible story this week in Sequim of how childrens’ lives are being saved in the Amazon.  It’s a story that is so stunning, so unusual and shocking, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, and yet the story has a happy ending that delights the soul.  Steven who works […]

What Can We Do? Hope and Promise for the Future

We are living in challenging times right now, and nearly everyone is feeling the strain, so what can you and I do? How can we deal with the present and have hope for the future? Let’s face it, all of us tend to see the world around us from our own little microcosm. We see […]

The Hood Canal Bridge Closure

Getting around when the Hood Canal Bridge closes for six weeks May 1, 2009 is the top priority for travelers going between the Olympic and Kitsap peninsulas.  As a result, WSDOT is offering a number of transportation options and making roadway improvements to aid drivers and businesses. Learn more and keep up to date by going to a […]

Intelligent Pill Technology – The iPill

Imagine a pill that you swallow that intelligently works its way through your intestinal tract releasing pre-programmed quantities of medication at just the right locations for maximum effectiveness.  Imagine that while the pill is doing its job, the precise quantities dispensed can be controlled by a physician.  I give you the iPill from Philips. This […]

How Many Days Until the Hood Canal Bridge Closes?

The Hood Canal Bridge will close in May for six weeks of construction, and all of us on the Peninsula are watching this carefully.  Unless you are a very good swimmer, you will want to plan accordingly.  Of course, we can drive around all the way down Highway 101 through Olympia, or we might have […]

Austria’s Castles

Watch this video on some of the finest castles in all of Europe: Austria’s Castles.

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