Do You Know What the CC&R’s Say?

Buying real estate (both land and homes) is full of Traps for the Unwary, and one of those traps includes covenants, also known as CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions). If you purchase property and have no idea what the CC&Rs are, you could be in a world of hurt later. When you purchase real estate, […]

Negotiate The Price Like a Master Negotiator

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Sequim or Port Angeles, you want the best price you can get. Of course, price is one of many negotiable terms, and you want a clean transaction that closes as soon as possible. Buying or selling a home is not like going to a garage sale […]

Sequim’s and Port Angeles’ Internet Real Estate Broker

Local Sequim and Port Angeles real estate broker and Realtor Chuck Marunde is all over the Internet. “That’s because the Internet isn’t just the wave of the future, it is the present tense. According to a nationwide survey completed by the National Association of Realtors over 80% of all home buyers start their search for […]

Some Home Builders Downsizing Homes

Some large national home builders are reducing the size of homes they are building in an effort to reduce the cost and make them more affordable.  KB Homes, Warmington Homes, and John Laing Homes all have scaled down floor plans as the industry seeks to stem losses due to falling home prices, tighter mortgage lending […]

Sequim New Home Building Permits Way Down

Sequim building permits for single family homes are down to pre-2000 levels.  This isn’t a surprise with the real estate market and the general economy taking a vacation.  This Chart says it all.  The City of Sequim issued 33 permits for the construction of new single family homes in 2000.  Issued permits peaked in 2005 […]

How to Hold Title to Real Estate

How you take title to your real estate will have major implications. My recommendation is that you hold title in a way that will avoid probate. It is also good to have asset protection in mind when you buy real estate. It’s wise to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, and the method of how title will […]

How Do Home Buyers Find Their Homes Here?

This chart tells all:  home buyers are finding homes in Sequim and Port Angeles through Realtors 53% of the time, and through the Internet 28% of the time.  Yard signs still work 13% of the time, but what may surprise some people who aren’t in the real estate business is that newspapers, neighbors, magazines, and […]

Affordable Homes Under Fed Program

Special Affordable Home Program Through Section 502 of the United States Dept. of Agriculture Maybe you can qualify to purchase a brand new home for $225,150 with low low monthly payments. Limited funds are available in Clallam County, which means only a small number of homes can be built under this special program. Anderson Homes […]

Do Sequim Realtors Say It’s Time to Buy?

Sequim and Port Angeles Realtors have differing opinions about the timing here:  is now the time to buy a home or should a person wait for a while?  Someone once posted a comment that Realtors always say it’s time to buy.  Well, there’s some truth to that, but it’s not true. I’m more interested in […]

Low Interest Rates Ideal for Building a Home

If you’re buying a Sequim or Port Angeles home, or getting ready to have your retirement home built, you can wait this market out, or you can take advantage of the lowest interest rates any of us have seen in our adult lifetimes. Under 5% for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage? Are you serious? […]

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