Obama’s Political Future

Today marks President Obama’s 222nd day in office, which is usually the end of the honeymoon and the beginning of serious work.  So how is Obama’s Presidency going so far?  To look objectively at this question and the critical issues facing us, one has to set aside biases.  One has to attempt to be neither […]

Michael Jackson’s Death Almost Inevitable

Michael Jackson, an American icon, the King of Pop, and one of the most recognized names in the world is dead at 50 years old.  His death was almost inevitable.  A lifestyle that included an obsession with fame, fortune, wealth, and a lust for living and having it all.  His life was marred with ugly […]

Housing Market Comeback?

The Sequim and Port Angeles housing market has not suffered like the national market or many localities around the country, but the recession and the depressed state of the national real estate market have certainly taken a toll on Clallam County.  Lot sales are so rare, you could almost say lots are not selling at […]

Habitat for Humanity Receives $100 Million

Habitat for Humanity just received its largest gift ever, $100 million dollars.  At a time when non-profits are struggling because donations are down, this gift is very significant.  And in a time when the real estate market has seen its worst downward spiral in history, help for those who need housing has special meaning. Who […]

Sequim to Alaska and Back

You’ve heard the saying, “You don’t know what you have until you lose it.”  Today I want to share something you don’t have to lose before you can appreciate it and something you can gain if you don’t already have it. Sequim is a beautiful community, but not all communities around these United States are […]

Yukon River Flood Devastates City of Eagle

Many Sequim residents are from Alaska or have family connections with Alaska.  Chuck Marunde, Editor of this online newspaper, is on duty in Alaska this week.  Reporting from Tok, Alaska, Chuck interviewed locals who witnessed the most devastating flood in history on the Yukon River in the first incorporated city in the State of Alaska, […]

Print Newspapers Losing Readers Dramatically

You’ve got to feel a little bad for the long established industry of print newspapers.  Newspapers are dramatically losing readers all over the U.S. and dozens of newspapers have gone bankrupt, closed their doors, or are up for sale at garage sale prices.  But the problem is compounded by the devastating loss of advertisers.  Advertisers […]

Many Print Newspapers Will Go to 3 Days a Week

I predict that in the months ahead, meaning the next 12 months, many print newspapers will drop daily publications to three days per week, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (arguably the three best days of the week for print).  The massive fixed and variable costs of operating a print newspaper is just killing them off one […]

AIG Execs Forbidden to Speak are Blogging

AIG execs who have been under intense attack by the public and congress because of high bonuses when AIG is getting tax dollars to bail the company out of its black hole, are now blogging incognito even though forbidden to speak to the press.  A number of AIG execs are allegedly writing about their experiences […]

Professional Newspaper Journalism in Trouble

Pick up any national newspaper and you’ll see article after article by newspaper journalists and their editors all with one major theme.  The articles might include catchy titles like these: Professional Journalism Must Be Saved Hope For America’s Newsrooms Newspaper Journalists–The Last Bastion of Truth Benjamin Franklin Rises From Tomb to Save Journalism Seattle Times […]

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