How Free People Became Slaves

This is a true story of how free people became slaves in a great country.  Citizens of a great land homesteaded land from the east to the west. They farmed the land, hunted and fished, and raised families. Their children became teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers. The people sought freedom, and they found it […]

Norm Dicks Townhall Meeting Aug 31 Port Townsend Videos 1

On August 31, 2009 Congressman Norm Dicks held a townhall meeting in Port Townsend at Fort Worden.  The community hall was packed with several hundred people.  The meeting was not scheduled to start until 4:00, but by 3:30 the room was already at capacity and crowds who arrived after that had to stand outside.  The […]

Norm Dicks Townshall Meeting Aug 31 Videos Part 2

Videos 4 through 7 of the Norm Dicks Townshall meeting held on Aug 31, 2009 in Port Townsend: See Norm Dicks Townhall Meeting Videos 1 – 3.

Congressman Norm Dicks Townhall Meeting Aug 31st, 2009

From Norm Dicks: I would like to inform you that I have scheduled two Town Hall Meetings on Aug. 31st to discuss Health Care Reform and other national and local matters of concern to you.  I believe this session will offer an opportunity for you and others in the 6th Congressional District to express your […]

Obama’s Political Future

Today marks President Obama’s 222nd day in office, which is usually the end of the honeymoon and the beginning of serious work.  So how is Obama’s Presidency going so far?  To look objectively at this question and the critical issues facing us, one has to set aside biases.  One has to attempt to be neither […]

How to Contact Washington Elected Officials

Statewide Officials Governor – Christine Gregoire Lt. Governor – Brad Owen Secretary of State – Sam Reed State Treasurer – James McIntire State Auditor – Brian Sonntag Attorney General – Rob McKenna Commissioner of Public Lands – Peter Goldmark Superintendent of Public Instruction – Randy Dorn Insurance Commissioner – Mike Kreidler U.S. Congress U. S. […]

The Obama Prophesy

I’m not a sage, nor am I a prophet, but there are some things in history that we look back at and say, “Of course, we should have seen the obvious coming.”   Life can be very complicated, and many claim to have all the answers, but knowledge can be dangerous in the wrong hands.  The […]

Senator John Ensign’s Devestating Public Admission

Nevada Senator John Ensign admits he had an affair.  This admission has created a wave of disappointment among many Americans and certainly among family, but his announcement also has broken the hearts of many of his good friends, including me.  His affair has devastating consequences, many of which will be unfolding in the months ahead. […]

Ford Motor Company’s New Competition: U.S. Government

Ford Motor Company did something much better than its two U.S. competitors, GM and Chrysler.  Ford actually managed their company well enough to begin to survive a major U.S. recession without standing at the watering trough of Federal government bailouts.  Congratulations are in order for Ford, but it turns out the greatest danger is ahead, […]

Clallam County Politics: Candidates Filed

Clallam County has 51 open positions in local politics, and the deadline for filing is June 5th.  Here are the candidates who have filed along with their contact information so you can conveniently ask them questions or encourage them. Ballot Name Mailing Address Contact Phone/Email Filing Date CITY 1 (Clallam) Council #1 Nonpartisan office (4-year […]

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