Dear Shabby Super Scams: Pills That Do Everything

Dear Shabby, Almost every day I am bombarded by advertisements claiming extraordinary and instant results for nearly every short coming I’ve ever had.  I hear radio ads, I get email spam, I read print ads, and I even see some of these wild ads on cable T.V., and each claims something absolutely incredible. “Pill will […]

Robbie Walden and the Gun Slingers Perform

Local  Sequim musician Robbie Walden and his band known as Robbie Walden and the Gun Slingers performed at the Clallam County Fair, but rather than write about it, we thought you might want to see and hear it for yourself.  Here’s a preview of the band’s music.

Robbie Walden and the Gun Slingers Open County Fair

Robbie Walden and the Gunslingers performed at the Clallam County Fair Friday afternoon to an enthusiastic crowd of fans.  Robbie, who grew up in Sequim, was clearly excited about performing in his old stomping grounds.  Of course, anyone who knows Robbie also knows that he is naturally wired all the time anyway, but the band […]

Twilight New Moon

New Moon is set to hit the theaters November 20th.   This is not so much a vampire movie as it is a teenage love story (or “lust story”), and frankly the acting is extraordinary, especially by Kirsten Stewart.  I predict this young actor will become one of the great actors of Hollywood over the next […]

Pioneer Dance Arts in Sequim End of Year Review

Pioneer Dance Arts in Sequim held their End of the Year Review and Open House June 8th through June 12th, and parents and friends were invited to come and watch as children and adults displayed their dancing skills. Watching the expressions of young girls work through their dance routines is a pleasure for anyone who […]

A Rare Moment for Humor

Today we do something unusual for this news site.  The world is full of serious and even depressing news.  Today we share some especially humorous quotes.  Some of them you may have read, but they are worth reading and enjoying again.  Laughter is medicine for the soul. There was a time when words were used […]

Susan Boyle Stuns the World With Her Voice

A Scottish woman who recently appeared on the T.V. show Britain’s Got Talent has stunned the world with her incredible voice and her own story of sacrifice and suffering.  This video finishes so much greater than the start, it’s worth watching.  Susan Boyle’s story is inspiring and the song is beautiful.

Twilight, Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattensen, Forks

“I’m thinking about moving to Forks,” a young lady wrote to me in her email.  She explained that she is so enthralled with the movie Twilight, she is seriously considering moving from Florida to Forks, Washington.  Wow!  That’s one dedicated fan, but they are all over the country.  Young girls are driving up from Southern […]

Sequim Author Chuck Marunde Writes Book

Success and Eternity is Chuck Marunde’s first published book, although he has been writing magazine articles and Internet articles for many years.  As a lawyer he did a lot of writing, but this book is a passionate work on the grand subject of success.  What is success?  How do we live it, and how do […]

Port Angeles Book Discussion Group

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re: New book Discussion Group To Form Are you interested in participating in a book discussion group at the Port Angeles Library? If so, you are invited to attend a planning meeting in the Archive Room of the Port Angeles Library at either 1pm or 7pm on Wednesday, March 18. You’ll meet […]

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