Windows 7 Review on Video

Microsoft’s operating system upgrade to Windows 7 is getting great positive reviews.  From the thousands of beta testers and reviews available, we can draw a few logical conclusions about Windows 7.  Windows 7 is more than just a small upgrade with a few nicely added features.   According to one CNET review, “It’s stable, smooth, and […]

The Accelerating Momentum of Technology and . . .

Advances in technology, the fading of old systems, the explosion and power of the Internet, the massive paradigm shifts that are occurring are so dramatic, it is almost incomprehensible.  Here’s a video that will blow your mind.

Sequim and Port Angeles Search Engine

There’s a new Internet search engine in town, and it’s Microsoft’s search tool called, “Bing.” It’s easy to find on the Net, because it is simply  How does it stack up to the number one search engine, Google, which has about 64% of the search engine market?  It is amazingly similar to Google. Microsoft […]

Microsoft + Yahoo Does Not Equal Google

Will Microsoft and Yahoo catch up with Google by teaming up?  Rumors that the two will join forces once and for all to slay the dragon known as Google are running rampant, and today we may just know for sure.  What would the new search engine be called?  Yasoft?  Microhoo? What’s the big deal?  Well, […]

Apple Strikes Microsoft with Funny Commercials

The ad war between Apple and Microsoft continues with Apple striking back with these four humorous commericals.

Who will upgrade to Windows 7?

An astonishing new study just came out indicating that 83% of 1,100 IT professionals worldwide have no plans to upgrade to Windows 7.  The survey, which was sponsored by systems management vendor KACE of Mountain View, California, “also found that 83 percent of participants plan to move from XP directly to Windows 7. Seventy-two percent […]

Google Search Engine Dominates

Google continues to spank Microsoft and Yahoo in the search engine business by increasing it’s market share to an amazing 64.2% according to statistics from Nielsen.  Google continues to be the favorite search engine used by billions of people around the world.  This is impressive considering Microsoft has a couple of decades to get a […]

The Microsoft vs. Apple Advertising War

No one likes a war, except when it comes to an advertising war between Microsoft and Apple.  This is an entertaining war, even if it is costing both companies tens of millions of dollars. Apple has been the underdog forever, and were it not for some very creative products and even more effective advertising, Apple […]

Microsoft Ad Blasts Apple Prices

Microsoft finally came up with a good ad blasting Apple’s high prices.  It’s well done and makes an excellent point about the substantial premium one pays for the Apple operating system.  Of course, when you buy an Apple, you must use the Apple OS, but when you use a Windows OS, you have dozens of […]

Newspapers vs. the Internet

Journalists have been writing about the death of the newspaper industry, and a common argument that has been made by many traditional journalists in recent months is, “Who will hold government  and corporations accountable when there are no print newspaper journalists?”  Clearly such a question makes the assumption that newspapers are the last defense against […]

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