Reader’s Digest Files for Bankruptcy

Reader’s Digest, the largest magazine publisher in the world just filed bankruptcy.  In times past that would be a complete shock for most Americans.  Reader’s Digest magazine has been that ubiquitous checkout stand magazine in grocery stores since I was a tyke.  And today this massive magazine publishing empire stands on the brink of extinction […]

Government Defaults on Debts

The State of California has reached a financial boiling point.  Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of financial emergency under the staggering state deficit of $24.3 billion.  State Controller John Chiang announced today he intends to send out 30,000 IOUs to state creditors. Businesses in the private sector who will receive these IOUs for $53 million […]

An $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme: Another One?

Yes, there’s another major Ponzi scheme, and this one is alleged to be $8 billion. On June 19, 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged two accountants who produced bogus financial statements and an Antiguan regulator who took bribes to look the other way as Robert Allen Stanford conducted an alleged $8 billion Ponzi scheme. […]

How Many Banks Have Failed?

Since January of 2008, a little over a year now (as of today, March 21, 2009) the list of failed banks in America is fairly long, and this is not good.  While we do not publish a lot of negative financial news on this site, we do not run from reality either.  As of today, […]

Cash or Gold?

There’s a lot of talk about buying gold lately or going into cash.  The stock market is uncertain, and the economy is faltering.  Watch this short video on Cash or Gold?

What Does the Stock Market Crash Mean?

I wrote this article last September 30th, but it is just as relevant today, maybe more so. This year has been a tough year in real estate for sellers, but the problem goes far beyond the real estate industry. Yesterday congress failed to pass a $700 billion dollar bail out package for financial institutions, and […]

Learning from Great Depressions of the 20th Century

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis published this interesting report, which reviews the Great Depressions of the 20th Century and tries to put our current “recession” in context. It’s heady reading, but worth the time in gaining a greater understanding of what the state of our economy really is, apart from all the political euphemisms. […]

CEO Waste and John Thain

This is a humorous video making a strong point about CEO waste.

Recession: Peter Schiff Was Absolutely Right

Our economic recession has caught almost every expert in the United States complete off guard.  The mortgage and real estate market recession has actually surprised almost every so-called expert in the country, and many of them still have no idea what is going to happen.  There is one man, Peter Schiff, who nailed this subject.  […]

How to Hold Title to Real Estate

How you take title to your real estate will have major implications. My recommendation is that you hold title in a way that will avoid probate. It is also good to have asset protection in mind when you buy real estate. It’s wise to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, and the method of how title will […]

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