Sequim Isagenix Products and Business

Sequim Isagenix

Sequim Isagenix associates are on a mission to live healthy, lose tons of weight, and cleanse their bodies of toxic substances.  That is the primary mission, and Isagenix founder Dr. John Anderson has the credibility of one of the world’s foremost experts on nutrition and health.  He formulated nutritional products for over 600 companies during […]

What is the Perfect Home Business?

Perfect Home Business

If you could personally sit down and design the perfect business for yourself, what would it look like? What product or service would you sell? How would you promote it? How would your business meet your needs, including your gifts and talents, and your life long passions? How much money would you earn? What kind […]

How Important is the Internet to Businesses?

Internet Marketing

Is the Internet really important to your business?  Most business owners don’t think so, or so it would seem from their lackadaisical response to discussions about their business and the Internet.  Yet for most business owners there is the haunting voice that maybe, just maybe, the Internet is important to the future of my business. […]

Wall St Journal Online Subscriptions Will Fail

Print Newspapers

If you’ve used Google News as a news aggregator and then clicked on a story of interest, you may have found yourself on a Wall Street Journal online story, but that quickly turns into an annoying experience.  The WSJ is subscription only for readers, so they have the tease paragraph and then the “To continue […]

Reader’s Digest Files for Bankruptcy

Reader’s Digest, the largest magazine publisher in the world just filed bankruptcy.  In times past that would be a complete shock for most Americans.  Reader’s Digest magazine has been that ubiquitous checkout stand magazine in grocery stores since I was a tyke.  And today this massive magazine publishing empire stands on the brink of extinction […]

Windows 7 Review on Video

Microsoft’s operating system upgrade to Windows 7 is getting great positive reviews.  From the thousands of beta testers and reviews available, we can draw a few logical conclusions about Windows 7.  Windows 7 is more than just a small upgrade with a few nicely added features.   According to one CNET review, “It’s stable, smooth, and […]

The Accelerating Momentum of Technology and . . .

Advances in technology, the fading of old systems, the explosion and power of the Internet, the massive paradigm shifts that are occurring are so dramatic, it is almost incomprehensible.  Here’s a video that will blow your mind.

General Motors Coming Out Strong

General Motors is coming out fighting, and it appears they are going to be stronger than ever with major restructuring. This is good news for General Motors customers, past, present, and future.  Chief Executive Fritz Henderson promises that the new GM will have fewer brands, fewer plants and fewer workers, and that the corporate culture […]

Sequim and Port Angeles Search Engine

There’s a new Internet search engine in town, and it’s Microsoft’s search tool called, “Bing.” It’s easy to find on the Net, because it is simply  How does it stack up to the number one search engine, Google, which has about 64% of the search engine market?  It is amazingly similar to Google. Microsoft […]

Microsoft + Yahoo Does Not Equal Google

Will Microsoft and Yahoo catch up with Google by teaming up?  Rumors that the two will join forces once and for all to slay the dragon known as Google are running rampant, and today we may just know for sure.  What would the new search engine be called?  Yasoft?  Microhoo? What’s the big deal?  Well, […]

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