What is the Perfect Home Business?

Perfect BusinessIf you could personally sit down and design the perfect business for yourself, what would it look like? What product or service would you sell? How would you promote it? How would your business meet your needs, including your gifts and talents, and your life long passions? How much money would you earn? What kind of lifestyle would your business give you? How much time would your business require of you during the week? How would your business benefit your spouse and your children? How would your business provide for you in your retirement years?

In other words, what would be the perfect business for you and your family?

Have your ever thought of these questions? Most people haven’t specifically asked themselves these questions. Unfortunately, most of us could quickly explain what we don’t like about our job.

The Perfect Business – Not These!

Here’s what these blue collar and white collar employees and business owners said:

A construction worker says, “I get so tired by the end of a day’s shift. My knees hurt, but I can’t quit. Now the union is telling us we are going to have to go on strike and we will only get 50% of our income as long as the union has the funds, but the reality is I could end up without enough income.”

A doctor says, “I’m on call for ER [emergency room], so I have to get up all hours of the night and day. Things are hard. Our personal finances have taken a hit with the recession. My small retirement, which is in the stock market is down 35%, and we’ve lost the two rental houses we had. Here I am a doctor, and look at me. I’m 100 pounds overweight, out of shape and my health is terrible. I’m a walking heart attack. And I’m a doctor.”

A teacher says, “Teaching is not what I thought it would be, but I feel stuck.”

A Realtor says, “I never thought I would file bankruptcy. Never. This recession killed my life’s work, which was my brokerage, and I had to let all my agents go. Half of them have hung up their licenses.”

An antique shop owner says, “My husband and I saved for 15 years so I could finally open my own little antique shop. I invested every dollar in my inventory and the lease, but after five years of struggling, I had to close the doors. It was the saddest day of my life.”

A lawyer says, “People think lawyers have it made. Let me tell you, the average lawyer takes home less than the average $75,000 a year that federal employees make, and the stress of being a lawyer is a killer. The divorce rate among lawyers is very high, and many are alcoholics. I really hated the lying that 90% of lawyers do every day. It’s a pretty unhappy profession, although not many will admit it.”

Stress, financial struggle, layoffs, bosses who are jerks, boredom, dissatisfying work, dead-end careers–these are all too often the stories of the vast majority of Americans. Men and women alike. This recession has made matters worse for so many good people. There are some who have a great job, a good income, and love their work, but they are the exception, not the rule.

What is the Perfect Business?

Having established what so many people are experiencing, let’s get back to the perfect business. How would you describe the perfect business? Without any biases, without any preconceived notions, without any manipulation of thought, let me see if I can describe what I think you might say if we were sitting down together at Starbucks and trying to come up with a bullet list.

The perfect business would look like this:

  • You would be in control of the business yourself–your own boss.
  • You would have expert consultants (all free) who would work closely with you to build your business.
  • You would determine your hours and days of work sufficient to earn the income you want.
  • Your office would be in your own home with almost zero overhead.
  • Your business investment would be a few hundred dollars, and you already own most of your equipment.
  • Your vacation schedule would be decided by you.
  • Your business would provide an income so you no longer trade hours for dollars.
  • Your income would increase the longer you build your business, without limitation.
  • Your business would also help you live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your business would provide health and dental insurance for your whole family.
  • Your business would build a large retirement for you.
  • You could bring your spouse or your children into your business.
  • You would have a business with tax deductions and deductible business vacations.
  • Your business would fit your life perfectly, instead of your life being subject to your career.
  • Your business would give you financial freedom.
  • Your business would give you freedom to live life the way you want to live.

Does this sound like your idea of the perfect business? If it does, let’s talk, because after 20 years of practicing law, teaching school, and practicing real estate sales for many years, I now own the perfect business. I only wish I had this perfect business when I was 21 years old. Ah, it’s never too late! It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. This is the perfect business.

Call me at 360-775-5424. I’m Chuck Marunde, and I’ll help you start the perfect business.

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