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Sequim Isagenix associates are on a mission to live healthy, lose tons of weight, and cleanse their bodies of toxic substances.  That is the primary mission, and Isagenix founder Dr. John Anderson has the credibility of one of the world’s foremost experts on nutrition and health.  He formulated nutritional products for over 600 companies during his earlier career, including companies like GNC.  His latest laboratory invention won him a Nobel Prize, and some are saying this product is the most advanced anti-aging formula ever created.  The health implications for middle aged and elderly people are incredible.

Sequim Isagenix Products

Isagenix is only nine years old, but it has already sold a billion dollars in products, and is expanding with phenomenal growth in countries around the world.  What has attracted so many Sequim Isagenix business associates (representatives of the company) is not the most advanced and purest products for today’s toxic environment, but also because the company leadership has the kind of integrity that so many networking companies have not in the past 20 years plus.  Isagenix has a staff of 25 scientists who develop the highest quality products in the world.

The Sequim Isagenix field associates can testify to the integrity of management and the corporate support that surpasses any other company.  In fact, the Isagenix technology and online support with product information par excellence, articles and scientific explanations, extensive product and training videos, and online marketing systems for Isagenix associates is one of the reasons the company’s growth is extraordinary right now.

Sequim Isagenix Jobs Open

The demand for the Isagenix products accounts for the company’s growth, but that is also the reason this is being called the perfect home business by thousands around the country.  The opportunity to operate a low overhead, high net profit business from home in this recession has caught on like wild fire.  Men and women in their 40’s and 50’s are recognizing that the timing is perfect.  In fact, this could be the perfect home business in the perfect storm.

The network marketing or multi-level marketing business model is making a huge comeback.  In the ’60s through the ’80s there were a lot of MLMers out tearing up the country with their brand of get-rich-quick, and that burned a lot of bridges and left many in this generation with a bad taste in their mouths.  But those companies peaked and are now in decline, and their tired and obnoxious marketing tactics are no longer acceptable.  They’re also no longer effective to create wealth.

Sequim Isagenix – The Perfect Home Business

Today we are seeing a resurgence of the home based business model that is built on a network marketing foundation.  Great products + great leadership + a toxic environment where the majority of Americans are obese and unhealthy + a recession and financial struggle by so many + the opportunity to build a residual income into the retirement years = the perfect home based business.  In fact, it may actually be “the perfect business” period.

Having been a business and real estate attorney for 20 years, an entrepreneur for 37 years, and now a virtual real estate broker, Internet Marketing Consultant, and author, it is my opinion that with the new technologies and Internet marketing opportunities will create more Sequim Isagenix millionaires (and around the country) than any other home based business.  The timing could not be better for Americans who need hope and health.

You can learn more about the products and Sequim Isagenix associates by simply viewing the videos and reading more at Sequim Isagenix.

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