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One of the goals of this online newspaper is to publish news worthy of reading.  We hope to give Sequim and Port Angeles residents real news, news that people can use and that is helpful.  We won’t be publishing horrendous news stories about murders and tragedies.  Let the traditional print newspapers do that.  We are not interested in ugly and depressing news that ads no value to our lives here.

Do you know about a newsworthy event or activity?  Email us and let us know.  Describe in as much detail as you can all the facts, and include personal observations if you would like to.  If you have a photograph, by all means email that, too, and please note that photographs should be 800 (wide) x 600 pixels, or larger.  If you’re not sure how to do that, email us and ask.  We’d be glad to help.  In some cases, we can come out and take a photograph for you.

Do you know of a human interest story?  Do you or someone you know in Sequim or Port Angeles have a colorful career or success?  Email us the whole story, because human interest stories are wonderful news.  Have you or someone you know taken an amazing trip?  Send us the story.  Have you had an incredible experience?  Tell us.  Unlike traditional print newspapers, we will be printing human insterest stories.  We do have a lot of residents with truly amazing backgrounds, but their stories have not been shared with the rest of us.

If I can do anything to answer questions for you or help you submit stories, please let me know.  It would be my pleasure.

Chuck Marunde, Editor
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