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If you own a business, and you have struggled with the high cost of advertising in print newspapers and magazines, join the club.  While the effectiveness of traditional print advertising has dramatically fallen, at the same time the cost has dramatically risen.  What a dilemma for business owners and for traditional newspapers.  Today, I bring you the $49 offer.

I’ve created a powerful Internet newspaper that can help you connect with customers in these challenging times.  This news site is not just the wave of the future:  it is the present.  Who isn’t using the Internet to search for . . . well, anything and everything?

What we’ve done on this site is create what everyone wants–an easy to navigate news site with nice photos and videos, free classified ads, a free business directory, human interest stories, and a sense of community.  Sequim and Port Angeles residents now have exactly that.

If you’re going to spend valuable advertising dollars, you’ve got to have a sense that your advertising is going to connect with a lot of potential customers.  Right?

In the past your print advertising may have gone something like this.  You pay $450 or $600 for a medium sized advertisement that shows up for one day only in a newspaper.  The best day for a newspaper ad is Sunday. The second best day is arguably Wednesday.  You spend a lot of time getting your ad crafted with good script, and you get just the right photo or graphics for your ad.  You write the check to the newspaper or magazine company.

Then you hope upon hope that someone will respond to the ad.  Days go by, and no one has called.  No one has said anything about even seeing the ad, except you have a friend who emailed you and said they saw your ad, and that they liked it.

Maybe one person called, but they were just curious and had no need for your services or your products.  It was an interesting 20 minute phone call, but it sure didn’t make you any money.

When all is said and done, you don’t feel all that good about wasting $450 to $600.

What you want is advertising that actually reaches a lot of people, not just one day, but 24/7 for 365 days throughout the year for the same price as a one day newspaper ad.  Now that would be something!

That’s what this online news site is all about for local businesses.  When you advertise on this site, here are the benefits for you and your business:

1.  Your products or services are advertised 24/7 on the Internet, so anyone can read your ad at any hour, even at 11:30 at night from the comfort of their own home.  Do we charge readers a subscription fee?  Absolutely not.  Everything is free for our readers, which only makes your advertising more powerful as it reaches more people.

2.  Your online ad runs 365 days a year, not just one day.  Your ad is working for you even when you are sleeping.google_gmail_offline-300x225

3. Your online potential customers include people who would never see your one-time ad in a print advertisement.  In fact, your online ad multiplies the number of eyeballs that will see your business by an order of magnitude, maybe 100 to 1,000 times as many, not just once but all year long.

4. Your online ad is far more powerful than a banner that another online service might offer at a high monthly rate.  People who search online for information are not looking for banners they can click on.  They are looking for something, and that something is not a banner, nor is it an annoying pop-up ad.  We do some banners as you can see, but the real power in what we do are the educational articles written with persuasive script and links to your business, all optimized for the Internet.  More about that later.

5.  Your online ad is far more powerful than bulk mailing letters or flyers.  A mailing is a broadcast to the general population, most of whom have absolutely no interest in your product or service.  Statistically, it has been said that 99% of your bulk mailing is a waste of money.  You’re lucky if you get a 1% response.  Your online ad is something  everyone can find in a Google search throughout the entire year.  A one-time bulk mailing will cost as much or more than an entire year’s advertising on this site.

sequim_newspaper_advertising26.  A newspaper ad may have a wide distribution, let’s say 20,000, but that doesn’t mean 20,000 people will see your $500 ad on page D-13 tucked in between two dozen other similar looking black and white ads.  A large number of newspapers sit on grocery store shelves, and the ones that don’t sell get recycled, along with your paid ad.  Your online ad will be searchable on the Internet with search engines like Google.  Your specific ad will show up when your potential customers are searching for exactly what you sell.  We cannot guarantee anything when it comes to search engine results, but see the results of a recent client below. Instead of broadcasting to people who have no interest in your product or service, you are broadcasting to people who are looking for you. Don’t you want to filter your advertising dollars to those most likely to buy?

7.  Your ad online includes a link to your business website, so your potential customers can click the mouse and they’re instantly looking at your product or service.

8.  This online news site uses the latest search engine optimization techniques to make sure we reach as many people as possible, especially those who are looking for what you sell.  Beware of techies who claim they can do this for their clients.  Many of those clients have never seen any results.  Want to see an example of  the optimization techniques we are using?  [Call Chuck for specific examples of what he is doing successfully–not disclosed here as it is top secret.]  Again, there are no guarantees we can perform miracles for everyone, but can you see the power of what we are doing and the application for your business?  And at $49 a month, this is ridiculously inexpensive!

Or type in “sequim kitchen equipment” and you’ll see our ad for Olympic Restaurant Equipment show up at the top of the search results.  Wouldn’t you like to show up at the top.  Try typing many different combinations of sequim and kitchen and equipment and appliances, etc., and you will keep seeing our newspaper ad.

9.  This online news site is promoted on other sites on the Internet, multiplying the effectiveness of your ad by bringing in even more potential customers. These promotions reach both local residents and out-of-staters.  We also promote this site with some targeted personal mailings to increase local awareness and readership.  In other words, we spend money where you don’t have to.

10.  Your ad copy is not just an ad, like all the other obnoxious ads that people love to avoid.  Your ad is actually an article, carefully written with interesting facts about your product or service, and with a human interest aspect, making your article excellent reading. It includes good photos and graphics, and professionally crafted sales script.  Words do matter in ad copy.  Why is an article more effective than a sales ad?  What works best on the Internet are educational articles.  This is what people are searching for.  What we do is write that article, the kind of information about your product or service that people are searching for, and we use powerful and effective words to address their interests.  When people find a good article and nice photos on a website that is easy to navigate, they don’t mind at all if the article includes links to your website or your contact information.  This is the most powerful form of advertising on the Internet today.


11. As part of this news service, we also offer a classified ad service that is free for you to use anytime for your business or personal use.  The reason these classified ads are a value is that the site is designed and built around what consumers want.  They want classified ads online that are easy to navigate, free to use, easy to post items for sale, and optimized for the search engines.  These classifieds are very powerful, and you can include posts about your business, about sales, about events, and you can even include photos.  Your description is not limited like a print newspaper.  As long as you don’t write a book, you are welcome to write detailed descriptions, but remember consumers won’t read anything too long.  You can post some of your business inventory, but if you indiscriminately post many of the same items, you will lose credibility with the buying public.  Remember that the attention span of an Internet viewer is about 15 seconds, unless you really engage them in what you are selling.  The classified ads also allow you to add a link to your own website.  These are also specifically designed just for Sequim and Port Angeles.  That means you will be marketing to a niche right here, your customers.


12.  In addition to this powerful article advertising your business on the Internet, you have the privilege to write a series of articles about your subject, provided your articles meet our submission guidelines, and provided your articles are educational in nature, which is what people want. You may write up to one article per week with photos, and these articles will increase your presence on the Internet even more.  You begin to build credibility with your readers and can substantially increase traffic to your own website or to your brick and mortar business.  (Of course, our editor has absolute discretion to reject or edit any submissions.)

13. Our staff includes a number of authors and contributors coming on board to write about niche subjects in Sequim and Port Angeles, including professionals overseeing the articles and website.

14.  Unlike print newspaper or magazine ads where it’s hard or impossible to track the results of your advertising campaigns, if you have a website, you can track every lead that comes from this ad on the Internet.  In other words, we offer advertising with measurable results.

15.  All of this is yours for an entire year!  Did I mention we also give you a free business directory online?

If this service is worth 100 to 1,000 times a one-time advertisement in a print newspaper on a Sunday, you would expect it to cost much more, but we are offering an introductory price of $500 for this entire package.  It should be $5,000, but it is not.

Here’s my offer.

I originally came up with an incredible offer to local Sequim and Port Angeles businesses–advertise for an entire year on this site for only $500.00.  That was an unbelievable offer, and many have recognized that it is worth many times that, perhaps as much as $5,000 for the full year, but almost every business in the area is hurting for cash flow.  So I decided to make this powerful Internet resource very affordable for all small business owners.

If you sign up right away you pay only $49 per month for one year.  No set-up fees.  Just $49 each month for one year, and then at the end of the year you decide if you want to renew.  How easy is that?

Most people spend more than that on their monthly Internet service or their cable or satellite TV.

This is a limited time offer, and you can be sure the rate will go up, so if you want to start using the most powerful form of advertising today, and you want to take advantage of one of the most affordable advertising options available today, email me or call me.

Ask about our video advertisements for your business.

Chuck Marunde at
(360) 775-5424

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