Volunteer Coordinator Correspondent Ralph Lovely

We are pleased to welcome Ralph Lovely as a correspondent writing about volunteering in our community.  He works for the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program as the Clallam County Coordinator, and deals directly with most of the secular organizations that have volunteers in the county. RSVP is part of OlyCAP (Olympic Community Action Programs).  OlyCAP focuses its efforts on building up the community by working with some of the most vulnerable people in our area, and volunteers are critically important to the mission.

A choice of where to volunteer is very different from choosing where to work for a living, and it can become much more personal as an expression of our values as a choice of where we donate our free time.  Most people don’t have that kind of freedom in their choice of employment.

Ralph’s volunteer experience includes working in the University of Washington Embryology lab, working on trails in Olympic National Park, and years of working on various committees and councils.  The best (and most frustrating) experience as volunteer was a year and a half in Cameroon (West Africa) as a missionary, where the Wimbum tribe adopted him as a member.  He has also been president of a local professional association, and the congregation where he worships.

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The OlyCAP home page can be found at: http://www2.olycap.org/Home_Page.php

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