Sports Correspondent Micah Olson

micah-olsonWe are delighted to have Micah Olson join our staff as our sports correspondent.  His passion for sports, and especially for baseball is certainly welcome here.

Micah Olson has been involved in the world of sports throughout his entire life. He began his sports career as a young baseball pitcher earning many performance awards over the years, which resulted in being recruited to play college baseball.  When a career breaking injury interrupted his bright future on the field, he found his way through the injury by turning his love of sports from the action of the field to the exciting world of sports writing, sports statistics, and coaching.  Micah’s ability to comprehend all aspects of sports and his keen eye and appreciation for each sport has led him to be a respected sports aficionado with an interesting point of view.

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  1. sportz

    We enjoy your articles on the Mariners. Keep ’em comin’

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